denyse schmidt at joann's

if you have ever sewn with me or asked my opinion, you'll know i'm a bit biased when it comes to where i purchase my fabric.  however, that changed a bit when denyse schmidt, one of my most favorite designers, released a line of fabric for joann's.  (maybe one day i will do a post about how i shop for fabric at the big stores... because it's totally different from when i shop at a locally owned quilt shop)
anyway, i might be the slowest person in the world at this, but i have slowly been collecting every print from the ds quilts collection at joann's all summer long, and i am happy to say i now have the entire collection.  i only buy it when i have a 50% coupon and somehow i never have more than two coupons at a time.  in order to make sure i didn't accidently buy a print more than once, i used my phone to take a picture of my stack before every trip to joann's.  then i could just pull out my phone at the store and see what i needed/already had.
i'm thinking it will make a darling picnic quilt for next summer and i already have a pattern in mind.  good thing i have until next summer to finish gathering my fabric and then to actually make the quilt.

just when i thought i was almost finished buying all the pieces, denyse announced on her fb page that she is releasing another line for joann's!  and some of the florals in it are too cute for me to pass up... looks like i'm back to saving pennies and collecting coupons again...
i'm pretty sure i love everything denyse schmidt does.
see her entire collection for joann's here
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Kristin said...

I kept telling myself I wasn't going to stash these... but now seeing your stack, I might just have to.