the good wife's guide

i saw this article a few days ago and i keep going back to read it. i can't say i agree with all of it, but some of the points are kinda sweet and true. and then some of them had me laughing. it's no wonder housewives needed hired help back then. while i love the idea of happily welcoming my husband home after a long day (which i will admit does not always happen), i also love that we are equals. that what i experienced during the day is just as important as what he experienced.  i also love that my husband is as far from this type as possible.  keeping house and raising kids is shared between both of us and he always jumps right in to help when he gets home at night.  so maybe i'm just a lucky wife or maybe i'm lucky to be living in 2011 and not 1955.  i'm pretty sure it's both.

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Sarah said...

Wasn't that from a home ec. book? Yeah, I see how some of it would make our home a nicer place, but wow. How did women stay sane with those kinds of expectations?