single girl quilt

isn't this a pretty place to take a picture of a quilt? ok so i cropped a lot of the scenery out, but we were on a cliff overlooking beautiful green hills and i thought, a quilt would be so pretty with this gorgeous view behind it. 
however, on second glance... and if we zoom out a little...
it's actually sonic!
the first time we pulled up to this sonic i was shocked at how great the view was from the car.  so i made sure to go back to that sonic again (it's in branson, mo) bring a quilt the next time we went. 
just for a picture. 
and a diet dr. pepper. 
and a few interesting looks. 
quilt stats:
twin size
made only with polka dot/spot fabrics to go with the circles theme. 
off white is a kona cotton in bone (i think?)
the backing is two different polka dot prints
binding is a variety of polka dots used in the quilt
quilted in a swirly free motion
i had a lot of polka dot prints on hand from another quilt i had made and thought they would work perfectly with the circles only theme of the quilt.  the colors are a little crazy, but i like it.
made as a gift for one of my favorite people.
 i had been sitting on this pattern for a long time as well as admiring so many of these quilts on flickr before i finally decided to tackle it and really, it was a lot easier than i anticipated!  the hardest part for me was probably being organized.  every piece has an exact place in order for the circles to work out.  the curves really aren't as hard to sew as they look because they are so large.  
it didn't need any wrapping.  i just tied it up with a strip of binding i had. 


Julie and Mike Wood said...

I love the toe poking out from under the quilt. :) It's fabulous and what great real estate for Sonic!

stacia said...

i LOVE this quilt! one of your favorite people is definitely LUCKY!;) although the pictures at sonic definitely can't be beat! love love love it!

km said...

Totally cute. But look at the dandelion greens underneath! You could have collected them and added some vegetables to your Sonic.

Megan said...

I love this quilt and all of the polka dots!!!

Kelly said...

I love this quilt! so fun!! You are so talented Sara!! I need one of your quilts.