bloggers quilt festival!

i'm out of town and at the mercy of someone else's internet, but i couldn't resist posting a quilt for parkcitygirls' blogger quilt festival! this is a quilt i made a few years ago and was gifted the fabrics for christmas by my(self) husband. this is the fabric that made me fall in love with denyse schmidt quilts. i bought a little bit of every print from this line and have been carefully rationing it ever since it was discontinued. i love this quilt because it is so unexpected. this quilt also taught me to love applique more. it was just simple and fun to sew these dresden plates and the vine onto the background. and because i love each and every print so much, i couldn't just leave the back plain... i loved this pattern so much that i made it again in 1930's prints for a fundraiser but never got a picture of that quilt. anyway, there are tons of darling quilts linked here for this little festival! enjoy! p.s. i won't be back for a couple weeks unless i can figure out how to upload pictures onto a computer that is not mine... have a nice week!


adventure knitter said...

that is such a gorgeous quilt! did you quilt it yourself?

Zonnah said...

I LOVE this quilt! The best part is how simple it is... oh and the colors :)