a quilt at the laundromat

is it just me or do laundromats have a bad reputation?  they seem like a dirty creepy place to hang out.  the type of place people visit only when they absolutely have to.  i'd say i ranked the laundromat right up there with the dmv.  not somewhere i'd choose to go willingly.
we recently had to visit the laundromat a few times and i can honestly say i was pleasantly surprised.  i might even have to go back just for fun.  the place we went to was incredibly clean and fresh.  there were windows everywhere to let gorgeous light in.  i was so surprised, that we ran home to grab a quilt and a camera while we had 4 loads of clothes going. (none of which were stolen might i add, and who do you know that can do 4 loads at once while at home) 
you probably remember this quilt.  i was posting each block as i made them a while back.  i finished the top then let it sit while i thought about how to finish it for a few months.  i decided to quilt it 1/4" away from each and every seam.  that took forever.   it was a lot to fit in my machine and my arms got quite the workout...  
i have to say, i love how this quilt turned out.  it'll probably end up on my girls bed- it's the perfect twin.  no two blocks are the same.  i didn't purchase one bit of fabric for the blocks- all scraps mostly thanks to my etsy shop.  for the white fabric i used a $5 ikea flat twin sheet.  it was 100% cotton and i have actually liked it a lot.  it's not as white as a true white, but not quite ivory.  i really like the softness of the color and it's held up really well so far. 
the backing was some polka dots i had on hand, with strips of leftover squares spaced in there.  i love the backing, but i can't stand to look at it closely.  as hard as i tried, there was no way i could keep my quilting perfectly placed on both the front and back so the quilting on the back doesn't line up with the squares.  but that's just part of the personality, right?
as i was taking pictures of this quilt, a lady came up and asked about it.  we ended up talking for a while.  she was taking her first quilting class the next day and i introduced her to etsy!  so that alone made me like the laundromat even more.  such a fun way to do a menial task- oh and i got 5 loads of laundry done in about 2 hours.  ok maybe that doesn't include folding... but that can wait til my husband gets home, right?


Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

Your quilt (and the pics) is gorgeous. You are so incredibly talented!

Kristin said...

love love love sara! so this must be the quilt you were working on? good job!

Ben and Summer said...

You are so right about being able to get so many loads done so quickly! I love the quilt, and the pictures are genius. Love it! Thanks for sharing your talents:)

April said...

Sara! Where have you been all my life!! :) Turns out you and I are kindred spirits, heh...I have a quilt pattern business. So excited I found your blog.

Andrea Pisano said...

I love the picture very original! beautiful quilt