a rant and a rave

people always ask me why i bought a bernina sewing machine (6years ago) when i could have bought a lot more for the same price from a different brand. i will tell you (or just them) why. lately i have been chained to my sewing machine... finishing etsy orders, working on ufo's, etc. etc. that is, until everything broke down!

first, my babylock serger broke. so i took it in. a week later they gave it back to me. two weeks later the same exact thing happened. so i took it in again. a week later they gave it back to me. two weeks later the same thing happened again! so i took it in a third time! a week later they gave it back to me. and scolded me for mistreating it. two hours later the same thing happened again! mind you, all these times of taking it back, i was only allowed to have the nice ladies write a note to the all-elusive repair-man even though i asked to talk to him myself and gave him all my phone numbers- never did we exchange words.
so i broke down and bought a bernina serger. (anyone want a babylock that can't do more than 2 layers of fabric?)
two days later my bernina sewing machine broke. not my new serger, but the machine i have been sewing on almost everyday for 6 years without having it serviced- ever. i knew it would happen eventually, but still frustrating because i just had such an ordeal with my serger. so i took it to the bernina place (different from where i had been taking my serger). the nice ladies in the store let me talk to the repair man in person! he was sweet to my kids and told me about his grandkids. he listened to me tell him what was wrong (the buttonholer stopped buttonholing- that was fun to type) 24 hours later they gave it back to me. with a detailed list of what he fixed, what i should be doing to care for it, and a 1 year warranty on the work and parts. that was a week ago and the machine has been sewing like a dream ever since.
and that is why i love berninas. really, i almost get emotional thinking about my dear berninas. (i need help)
ps these picture have nothing to do with the post. just some things i've been working on lately.


amyraye said...

a good brand is always worth it. i have a pfaff for the same reason. i was able to buy an extended warranty through a place in kirkland that was all-inclusive for pretty cheap. i can take it in to have them change the light bulb for free. it's pretty awesome and gives me much peace of mind. of course, i've only had to take it in twice in the 6 or 8 years i've owned it. go figure.

Devin, April, and Gavin said...

You finished the quilt!!! It's beautiful!!I'm so impressed! So sad about the serger :(

Maegan said...

First, your quilt is GORGEOUS!

Second, you MUST put those dresses in your Etsy shop! They are fabulous and I have two little ladies that would look darling in them. :)

Monique said...

After my daughter pulled my electronic Brother machine off the table, I brought it to a nearby repair shop. The lovely repair man spent over half an hour with me, showing me exactly what was wrong and why it would be a waste of money to fix (because it would keep happening). This shop sold Elna's, so I bought one. The lovely repair man figured that it would survive a drop on the floor unharmed, but swore that he could fix absolutely anything on it if it was injured. I can also trade it in at full purchase price in the next two years if I decided to upgrade. i (HEART) my Elna so much I even named her -- Erma. Good, sturdy, workhorse Erma.

Kim said...

That first dress is mine!!! I need to send my mom a list of things to bring me back this weekend. Seriously. Do you still have those cream bibs I liked? Add those too. And maybe I'll go look at your etsy shop for more stuff.
And the quilt looks great!!!!!

Suzana said...

i'm going to buy a sewing machine in the next year or so, and want a good one. i've always thought berninas were the best, and after hearing about your drama, i think that's right. i'll end up getting one - it's worth the extra money fo sho.

she wears flowers said...

So sorry to hear of your sewing machine woes--ouch!

And, can I just say--those dresses! Amazing. I wish I had your eye for combining fabrics! They are beeeea-uu-tiful!