random scraps

i'm way behind on posting my daily blocks... this is my current favorite one though. a japanese dot in mustard yellow with some of a chloe's closet floral. this quilt really will be anything goes. in making each square i feel like i am finding more and more scraps everyday. would anyone out there want a bag of scraps? it's mostly amy butler now that i am looking at it... but i have decided that i just can't keep up with my scrap baskets (i currently have 4) plus i just got some more fabric in the mail today.... where is it all coming from??? (ok- i really know... one of my favorite etsy shops for fabric is sew love fabrics. her packages are so cute when they arrive!)
p.s. all you who emailed about pettiskirts... i'm ordering on tuesday so email again if we haven't confirmed and you want one...

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Grant and Teresa said...

Sara! I really don't think I can say this with enough emphasis but you are seriously an inspiration to me! I wish I could do half as many crafty things as you do! I love looking at your blog and thinking to myself that someday I am going to do all of your ideas! Maybe you could help me out though, Kristine is having a little girl! (Yeah! Finally another girl niece after a bunch of nephews! Don't get me wrong I do love little boys!) Anyways, I have been trying to think of something fun for her and something that I could sew! I just got a sewing machine for Christmas and sadly haven't had many things to sew! I really want a little project so if you have any ideas, please email me!