still recovering...

...from my first show! it was a lot of work! i feel like i accomplished everything i set out to do though, so that made me happy. plus i thought our booth was the cutest one there- but i may be biased.
the day of the show i woke up at 5:30 am. we left around 6:30, and got to the place at about 9. then it took us until 10:30 to set up. the best part of the day was when our husbands came at the end and loaded all our stuff up, then we went to dinner and rode the ferry home together. oh, and i thought it was fabulous that my babysitter loved being paid with a headband. i love that such a cute girl thought my headbands were so cute.
the booth:i love how it turned out. i lost a lot of sleep trying to figure out what to do but it was worth it. richie built and painted everything. not only that, he figured out how to make it all very collapsible so i could load it all into the car. yes, he is an excellent husband.

one thing i knew for sure was that i didn't just want a regular folding table with a tablecloth. i was totally stumped about what to do that would fit in my car until i found the wood ironing boards on ebay for $3.75!! yes, $3.75- for both! but they were not in good shape at all. so my amazing husband built legs for one (if you look really close you can tell one leg is newer than the others) and repaired the other so we had the perfect tables to go with fabric and dresses and clotheslines.
the dress rack was another fabulous build by my husband. i couldn't figure out what i wanted except that it needed to match my style. so one day he went outside, then came back in a few minutes later and had the posts all planned out. i love how they look. i also love that the whole thing comes apart and is easy to put in the car. oh yes, and i love how it now looks in my sewing room.we had a basket of rootbeer barrels with our business cards in it. it was joanna's idea and a huge hit! and you can't see it, but we hid pieces of a laundry scented scentsy bar around the booth so it would smell good...
joanna's flowers looked darling! and she had so many! i'm never going to stop wanting more of them with all the new ones she keeps making!

a few things i had that have yet to appear in my etsy shop were:

baby quilts(more on these later)
headbands- i had pretty peony ones and fun rosette ones.

pretty pouches- little makeup bags or crayon bags or whatever bags for you girls who like pretty things. these were so fun to have. one lady bought one just for her knitting needles.

i was so exhausted after the show that i've been taking it easy this week by making a couple quilts and playing with my kids and friends... ok- that doesn't sound like i'm taking it easy, but compared to the last few weeks, it is...
now that it's over
stay tuned for the most fabulous
shop update ever!


amyraye said...

the booth is adorable.
and emma has worn that fabulouse headband every day since she earned it. :)

she wears flowers said...

AMAZING! Of all the blogs I read, you are the blogger I would most like to meet. (Mostly I am hoping some of your talent would rub off on me--!) You are just so dang talented!

Kim said...

Why oh Why didn't you sell me some of those peony headbands when I was there? Your booth turned out darling. Hopefully next time you find a better craft fair to showcase your talents!

sharla@mylittlegems said...

Well Sister Sara -the whole thing is just beautiful and incredible! I love it all- wish I could see it in person....do you want to come help me decorate? :) I really love it. Want one of the headbands too- :)

*b said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your head bands. How can I get some from you for my girls? Are you putting them in your shop any time soon?
Also, do you share what camera, lens and actions/edits you use for your pics? Love how vibrant they are. You are so talented!
It was so great to see you at the park last month!

Brittany McCulloch

km said...

You are amazing. Your booth is so perfect - best I've ever seen. I am SO envious of your wooden ironing boards!!! And so overwhelmed by the vast amounts of projects you and Richie are able to turn out. I don't know HOW you do it, but I remain impressed!

Kelly said...

SARA!! Wow!! So AMAZING! I love the head bands! I want one!! I love the baby quilts too, It makes we want to have another baby! ;)
I am so amazed @ your talent! I really do want a hand made head band from my "old" BFF!! Love you, and Hope you are doing great! Were does Sharla live in AZ? If you ever go visit her, you better come and see me. I would LOVE that!!!