happy flag day!

i love this holiday and have had this quilt in the works for over a year. so i got it out this week and finished it off... just in time to hang on my front porch!
and then i had to take pictures from every angle because it looks so cute that i wish i could leave it up all year. but really i'll probably take it down tomorrow- you know, bugs, spiders, the sun, someone might steal it...silly things like that. the pattern is in this book which i love because the method is incredibly simple and quick.
this is my ufo #10

now to enjoy some freedom and fireworks and bbq!


Ben and Summer said...

That is honestly one of the CUTEST quilts I have ever seen in my entire life. I am In. Love.

Ben and Summer said...
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Ben and Summer said...

OK, so are those all the same fabric print but just in different colors? I can't quite tell from the closeup and I have next to no experience. (I deleted this comment and retyped it - it always bugs me when I don't know who/why one got deleted:)

Julie said...

Oh this is just stunning! I love it!