summer necklace

i've been in love with those huge bib necklaces forever but there's no way i could ever pull one off. however, i've learned that when i'm not daring enough to wear something i can still enjoy it through my 4 yr.old. i know you're thinking i never grew out of playing with dolls... and you're probably right. so what am i going to do when she stops letting me dress her up???
*this necklace is my ufo #9* i'm hoping to have a couple of these necklaces available at the bazaar this weekend! come check it out if you are local! port townsend is a fun place for a little day trip!

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Matt and Joanna said...

i love this necklace! how fun, i hope you have some to sell! see you so very soon. i've been a busy bee sewing... it will be time for a break after this bazaar is over! i hope you had fun on your trip! can't wait to catch up!