coinci-quilting and a class

sometimes i try to mix words to entertain my husband... it doesn't usually work. however, i had to try to mix quilt with coincidence- because that's what it really is! so.... my friend came over for lunch the other day. since we only see each other every few months so we had some catching up to do. and what did she bring to show me?? her latest quilt top all finished and ready to quilt. and what was sitting on my couch half way through being bound?
the exact same quilt!
we had both used the same tutorial (found here) and didn't even know each other read that blog. so we laughed and took pictures- of course. and then we decided we both liked each others better. ha! i have since finished the quilt and shipped it to a darling new(ish) baby. as for the pattern- it was quite simple to make- a perfect baby gift! i may or may not have started it in 2009 and then took forever to finish it... but it's done now which makes it ufo finish #11. yay me!
also- i am starting a series of quilting classes this week. we will be making a sampler style quilt top and learning fun tricks like paper piecing, applique, perfectly matched seams, etc...- if you are interested in attending and i haven't emailed you, let me know either here or by email sarafcollett@yahoo.com
edited- right now the class is full, but i am willing to add another time if enough people want to do it... come and learn something new this summer!


Megan said...

I still like yours better!

Cathy said...

I saw your quilt and love love love the jumbo red rickrack...so does Molly, I'm sure. Thanks for all your many gifts in the box. You are so amazing! Love, mom xoxox

Suzana said...

Molly LOVES LOVES LOVES her quilt. It's darling. I love the combination of colors and fabrics, and was so inspired by your quilt that I'm making bumpers and a crib skirt to match! But I can't find fabric quite as cute as yours...