make your own snack bags

when we went camping recently i had the idea to make each of the kids their own trail mix bag. they're super easy and reusable and great for taking anywhere- oh and did i mention you can just shake the crumbs out or throw them in your washer?
here's a quick how to:
you will need:
*I used organic unbleached cotton from Joann's. It's heavier than regular cotton and i liked the natural look. I just cut a 7"x12" rectangle.
*You can leave yours plain or add a picture to the front. I did each child's initial. I thought of this as my own kids were fighting over cups or something... let's just say I have a very posessive two year-old.
*i used a glue stick to glue my letter in place as i sewed it to the front of the bag. i just sewed with a zig-zag so it will look a little frayed when i wash it.
*sew the sides of the bag, right sides together and zig-zag or serge. then zig-zag/serge the top edge of the bag to finish the edges.
*i couldn't find 1/4" velcro anywhere(maybe they don't make it?) so i used some old 1/2" i had and cut it in half (you can see it in the picture). i liked that width because it's easy for little hands to pull open. fold the top edge of the bag to the inside about 1/4" and sew the velcro with a zig-zag and you're done!
(disclaimer: i have not tested the effectiveness of these bags against wild animals, but i wouldn't recommend leaving them out while in the forest...)
i think they were a hit! my boy held onto his all weekend.

this is my ufo #12- i've had all the supplies to make these bags since last year, just never did it until now. i think i will be making more- i love these things!


Matt and Joanna said...

We love ours. Thank you! They washed up perfectly. Now I need the recipe to make some more of that yummy trail mix!

sharla@mylittlegems said...

cute cute..been wanting to make these w/ a velcro strap to put them on their car seat strap in the car :)
I'm copying you...hee hee
love it

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely idea first time at your blog lovely pictures