gone thrifting

sometimes i just need to go to the thrift store. sometimes if i have a babysitter and a few extra minutes, i'll go. sometimes i go right when richie gets home from work if i know i can't stand somebody's children for one more minute. (couldn't be mine, right?) and sometimes i take my kids. that's not as fun for me because i end up standing in the toy aisle forever waiting for them to look at everything. and they always spill hand sanitizer everywhere (a must for as soon as you leave the store) sometimes it's a waste of time and sometimes it's not. like a recent trip where i found this chair and this little bird dish. both were $5 each. i almost put the bird dish back- was it really worth $5- at the thrift store? even though it would be so cute on my kitchen shelf. but i just knew it looked familiar... and when i got home and looked it up, $5 didn't seem so bad compared to $18. that was a good thrifting day.

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