happy packages

one day i went to my mailbox and found an unexpected package. so i did what anyone would do with an unexpected package. i tore it open.
no matter that it was ticking...
ok not really.
in this mysteriously unexpected package i found a piece of fabric and a note...
the note said the fabric reminded the sender of me. so she sent it to me.
i found this fabric to be the means of much happiness that day to me.
it was a package which made getting the mail more fun.
it was a package for me.
it was from a far far away kentuckian friend.
it was fabric.
it was a nice thing for her to do.
so i thought i would return the gesture. i made a dress using said fabric and a little of my own. and i sent it to her in the mail. i included a note saying i found this fabric in my mailbox, thought it would look nice in a dress, and then the dress reminded me of her... i thought i was pretty funny.

but it really was a pretty fun game.


Suzana said...

cute. too too cute. i want a girl just so i can buy your stuff.

The P*dunc's said...

You are too cute. I would gladly make a game out of it!

I am going to use this picture..with you permission...please, can I?? I haven't been able to get one yet, Ellie will NOT hold still!

Dave & Tina Schmidt said...

I'm Shelby and Kodi's mom in law, and I want to send fabric your way too! This is just darling! You are so talented! Thanks for sharing.