everything creative

about a month ago my church started an online radio station(is that what it's called??) i've loved downloading different podcasts to listen to while driving, walking, or whatever. my favorite has been a series called "everything creative." can you guess what it's about? each time they interview a different creative person- like a musician, an architecht, a mother, etc. of the few i've listened to a common theme has been that everyone is creative. i totally believe that. it doesn't mean you are an amazing painter or seamstress or musician. everyone has a way of thinking that may not be like anyone else. it may be how you handle a child or how you organize your house... or whatever. everyone is creative and expresses creativity in a different way. i think we all just have to figure out how to best express our creativity.


Cristi said...

I LOVE that little red rocking chair with the quilts on top - SO cute!!

Sarah said...

That sounds awesome. Reminds me of the talk Elder Uchtdorf gave at the women's conference.