rules dress

i thought macy could use a new dress. but i have been feeling like i'm in a creative rut so i made some rules.the dress:

must match the shoes must also match the headband (which i am head over heels in crazy love with! if you have a girl or are a girl you must have one of these!)

must not buy any new fabric
(ok i cheated on this one... i only had a little of the floral so i ran and bought a little more at the store)
must take less than three hours to make
(as in i started on saturday night wanting her to wear it on sunday morning)
what do you think? the floral is from heather bailey's pop garden collection and the zebra is from jennifer paganelli's flower power collection. both fabrics i totally love but would never have thought to put together until i had these little rules.


amyraye said...

totally love. did you make the parasol, too? :)

Sarah said...

She is adorable. :)

Misty said...

You are so talented! I love it and I have yet to see any of your dresses that I do not like! :)