book love:: material obsession

this book had me at hello. that quilt on the cover just needs(yes, needs) to be mine. and the name? as someone obsessed with material, how could i not be intrigued? but the inside just gets even better. i want to make almost every quilt in this book. they are all based on very traditional old-fashioned feeling patterns, with something modern and funky about each. but for now i will just soak up the pictures and dream of a day when i can make all of these darling quilts. such a cute book!


Ben and Summer said...

I LOVE that quilt! I recently saw someone's blog about quilts who said she just taught herself to quilt over the last 2 years. Then I though, hmm, maybe I could learn too! I thought I was a lost cause, but am actually starting to get interested in it, so maybe... Anyway, looks like a super cute book with lots of good ideas!

Malinda said...

I am going to have to get a copy for my mom. I haven't been able to get online for sooo long and forgot about your blog! I am glad I found it again. Hope you all are well.

Christine said...

Hi - I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. I am adding you to my google reader. I bought this book on Monday and love it so much I keep bringing it to work with me. I love the quilt on the cover but my favorite is the rocket man quilt.