"savvy" trading

remember when i made this little outfit for macy? it was actually because at the same time i was making one for my neice. my sister and i have a nice little system going. she runs errands for me and sends me things from my home state and i repay her in clothing for her only girl. it works out great. and isn't she so cute? that's because i think she looks more like me than her mom. he he!


Mandy Frazier said...

Oh my gosh..she is absolutely adorable. YES, she does look a whole lot like you my friend :) Love the darling outfit!!

stacia said...

you're right... i don't know why she has blonde hair and blue eyes, when i am quite the opposite, but she IS cute for sure... and yes, she does look a bit like you. i LOVE this outfit... i love this little trading system we've got going... need anything??