so this is christmas

a little glimpse into christmas at our house.
we keep saying we are going to get a real/big tree every year, but i always love my little one too much!i love finding a new treat to make for friends and this one is delish!
(these are on their way to mongolia- i hope they make it!)some of my favorite ornaments and my favorite message of the season
i really do not like the smell of gingerbread(ok- the only smell i hate more is bacon). but it was fun to make for my little macy and that's more important, right?
and now for the crowning jewel of my holiday delight. i give you the princess tree. this tree stands proudly in my three year-old's room and gets decorated and undecorated every day. i've decided all my best ideas come in the shower and that's exactly where i came up with every detail of this. the tree skirt is princess dresses. we gathered every princess related item we had, and who could deny that princess aurora really is an angel- so of course she belonged on top. this was the most fun to do of all my decorations because it was all about my girl and she loves it. and that is christmas.


aaronandsharla said...

You must have good taste b/c I have those same stars on my tree-with hope, faith, etc. :) Love the princess tree- maybe we should do a car and truck one- thanks for the idea-r.

DrummerGirl said...

Beautiful trees! I love the princess tree- maybe next year I'll have a "favorite books" tree in my classroom where kids can make bookjacket ornaments of their favorite books! FUN!!!

Hey- would you be interested in hosting a "Flat Stanley" for my 3rd grade class? The info is on my blog... www.heatherbay.blogspot.com