i didn't forget

i know, it seems like i may have forgotten to choose a winning commenter, but don't worry- i was just busy finishing up this stocking. to choose a winner, i had my husband call out a number between 1 and 14 from the other room and he called lucky number 5! so that's sarah! yay for you! and thanks for all the comments and advice! it's so fun to hear what other people think and get new ideas! sarah- i just have to finish stuffing your stocking and then i'll get it to you! enjoy!


Sarah said...

SCORE!!!! Oh, it's so cute!!! Thank you! :-D

Suzana said...

HEY! you probably don't have time, but if i paid you, would you want to make stockings for us? ... i guess i could do it myself but it wouldn't be as cute. if not this year, maybe next year??? let me know. i've been looking for cute stockings and like you, can't find ANY!!! or, maybe you could send me a copy of the pattern you're using and i'll just suck it up and make some for us... emphasis on the suck. thanks for the b-day message by the way. it was cute and made me smile. :)

stacia said...

whatever richie. don't you know i'm #1. but it is a way cute stocking.