no.18 denyse schmidt quilts

i first fell in love with denyse schmidt when i saw her line of fabric at this quilt shop. i thought i had died and gone to 70s fabric heaven. i love her colors. i love her designs. i love the feel of her fabrics. so one day when macy lost the keys we decided to search until we found them and the winner got to order one thing from amazon. i was so happy when i found the keys in a kitchen drawer, and i ordered this book. if you are an avid quilter or just a beginner, this book is for you. it's not your average granny quilt book... or even your mom's quilt book. this is the quilt book for the modern quilters of today. it also had patterns for an apron, totebags, cards, a scarf and more if you aren't into quilting. even if you don't want to buy the book or borrow it from me (on the condition that you will keep it in a glass case until you return it) you can download a pattern for this quilt for free! isn't that so nice?
i just love how denyse has a very modern style with bright colors and funky lines. her fabrics and patterns are very unexpected but pleasing to the eye. in my dream world i would own at least a yard of each and every of her fabrics. but in reality, i just drool over them online. anyway, denyse schmidt is definitely my most favorite fabric and quilt designer and that makes her a very good thing.
oh yes, and no, i didn't make either of these quilts. the patterns are available
here and here... someday i would love to make them though.

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Ellie said...

I feel your love for Denyse Schmidt. She rocks my world too!