no.17 eggnog

tis the season for more yummy drinks. have you ever tried mixing sprite with your eggnog? oh it is so delish! i like about a 3-1 ratio; 3 parts eggnog, 1 part sprite. richie can't stand it, but he does like his eggnog with lots of milk. i like either way. which reminds me, is the eggnog or peppermint ice cream out yet? mmmmm....


*b said...

i love eggnog too. glad to know we share such great taste on this too ;)


Sarah said...

Hahahaha!!!!! Matt and I both love egg nog, but he thinks it's so gross that I like to put Sprite in mine. I love it. I got hooked on it when I was a kid. Egg nog punch is even better - egg nog and Sprite with vanilla ice cream. Matt likes to sprinkle nutmeg on his egg nog. I confess, I once spiked his egg nog with Sprite. I know. I'm evil. He knows me so well though, he suspected it before he drank it. This was payback for the time he put fry sauce under my ketchup. I hate fry sauce! It has mayo in it.

Yes, the peppermint ice cream is out. I just had some. Have you ever served it on a warm brownie? That is dang good. Egg nog ice cream and pumpkin are out too. I love fall!