fabulous fabrics

see that over there? on the sidebar? see that new list? keep looking... i'll wait. why yes, it is what you think... your very own list of fabulous fabrics online. now you can click to your hearts content and not have to remember a single url.
actually, maybe it's really more for me than you. a while back my one crafty sister (you know which one you are) asked where i buy my fabric and literally, i was stumped. i can name lots of shops i love in utah. but i have yet to find a shop i love in seattle. and since that won't help most of you, i started writing down the online fabric sites i love to browse. it seems like the internet is even changing something so old as the art of sewing. the online shops carry way more selection than any store could and it is oh so convenient to shop on the couch in your sweats, wouldn't you say? although there is nothing that can replace the touch and smell of fabric in person, it's nice to have the resources. here's a few of my online fabric shop loves:
reprodepot: i love that they have their fabrics sorted by era. they also have tons of japanese imports- gorgeous!
sew mama sew: this shop boasts one of my favorite blogs to read! they give away free fabric every friday (which i won once!) and they have more ideas than i have time to follow.
superbuzzy: mostly japanese fabrics, notions, trims. if you have never looked at or felt japanese fabric- do so before you die. it is so unique and crisp and just different from american fabrics.
purl soho: on my list of places to go in my life is this fabric shop in nyc. their website is amazing, so i can only imagine it's even better in person!
fashion fabrics club
: my sewing teacher in college recommended this site for clothing fabrics, and i have loved it ever since. their linen, cotton, and silks are great quality and their prices aren't bad at all! the only down side is that you have to join their club. that's noe so bad either.

ok, there are more shops i love to surf, so go have yourself a look! as for me, i am headed out again for another week with the fam!


stacia said...

ONE, UNO, crafty sister?? must be me. you know i AM really good with a glue gun and duct tape.

aaronandsharla said...

WAIT- I thought that one crafty sister was ...me! ha ha ha - (But I am not that good with a glue gun or duct tape- in fact I always burn myself and mess up the tape...) Although we all know you are the "super crafty-ess one of all"... So I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mention me on your blog- ha ha ha and yes- I will refer to your list of fabulous fabric finds when I get time. I believe I asked you that question- being that all we really have here is JoAnn's and a Hancock Fabrics- and that is like it.... I have found a site or two online w/ way cute fabrics- I probably found them from your blog links. Anyway- way cute quilt and post. How do you find all the time??