happy headbands

make your heads happy with these fun and easy headbands!
all you need is a headband, glue gun, and fabric scraps.
First, find a headband to cover. You can find plastic headbands at craft stores or look around your house... there might be a headband needing a makeover.
Next you will cut fabric strips. A good key is to cut the strips the same width as the top of the headband or 1/8th inch less. This will make it easy to wrap.

Start wrapping by covering both ends of the headband. Cut a short piece of fabric for one end, and the other end can be covered using the piece of fabric you plan to wrap with.
Make sure you fold the edges of the fabric into the headband and secure with glue. It doesn't matter if it doesn't look perfect- this will all get covered again with fabric.

On the end of the headband with the longer piece of fabric begin wrapping up the headband. You may have to force it to go the way you want- just cover any wrinkles with another layer of fabric.
Continue to wrap the entire headband.
I like to put a drop of glue on the inside of the band each time I go around.
Finish off the headband the way you started and secure with glue on the inside. Feel fee to embellish with more fabric, felt flowers, or whatever you like!

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