recipe for disaster

Edited: click here for another version of the tale of these two cakes!
ok, so i guess i have more than one crafty sister. but maybe it depends on how you define crafty.... after the last post i wrote, one of my crafty sisters challenged me to a birthday cake bake off. the true story is that our mother asked me to make a cake for our brother's birthday and the 'crafty' sister objected by saying she makes a better chocolate cake than me. one thing led to another and it was a contest. i was totally confident i would win. from what i'd heard, her cake didn't even have frosting! and i still think i would have won if we weren't judging on appearance. i guess that's what i get for thinking i only have one crafty sister.
anyway, we've all heard about this cake i like to make.... so here's the short on how you can recreate this version


house: make sure it is too warm with too many people and leave the oven on for a few hours
whipping cream: don't forget to accidently have your fridge on the warmest possible setting for perfectly runny frosting.
cake: whatever you do, don't set the timer on the oven. it works best if you turn on the tv, forget about the cake, then run to the oven when you remember... too late.
directions: beat the cream for as long as you can stand. it will probably still be quite runny. try to freeze the cake just for fun to see if it will help hold the frosting. next, frost the cake with the runny cream. this part it tricky because the layers will want to slide off each other. your only goal is keep the cake together long enough to take a picture. when the cake is completely frosted, place in freezer. leave in freezer about 30 minutes, or until top layer falls completely off cake. replace top if possible and hold cake together while serving. enjoy!

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