toddler, table for two

how to make a toddler table:

paint the top

paint the chairs

then the legs

then slowly...

dot it like crazy

and before you know it, your toddler table for two will be ready for snacks, coloring, playdough, and all sorts of great fun.


The P*dunc's said...

those are so cute, I need something like that for Dallin!

aaronandsharla said...

so we have that table and it is naked right now and has been for months- but I have a totally different idea on my painting- so i'll have to post it when it is done- yours is way cute by the way.

Laane said...

That looks marvellous!!

I always put things upside down. Paint the legs, then put it normal and paint the rest.

jesseca said...

Looks like someone has been shopping at IKEA ;)