ahhhh, bailey and cyan. what silly girls. i had been their "after-school" babysitter since january, and a sporatic babysitter during the summer, but have moved on (and so have they). shortly after i started watching them, i learned they are crafters at heart. they just might have been my kindred spirits! we did crafts every chance we got. and these girls are seriously talented! they picked up sewing in a snap and made a doll quilt in a week! they asked me to draw dresses almost every day, which they colored and made books with. we made tiny fairy dolls, toothpick furniture, fabric and paper flowers, amazing snowflakes, cookies galore, and many other crafty goods. we had some fun times. so as a final farewell, we dubbed friday "craftapalooza" and went to town. first we picked blackberries (for jam) and gathered rocks. next we went to my favorite craft store for a few supplies. then we dug right into the heavy crafting and whipped out
scrabble tile necklaces

fabric covered headbands

appliqued t-shirts

artsy rocks (from this wise chick)

and a little bit of beading in between it all.

we were all exhausted by the end of the day, but what a fun way to end our fun times of crafting.


Emily said...

You are the funnest babysitter I know! I bet they are sad to not have you as one anymore. I can't believe you got so much done in one day. I babysit a little girl pretty regularly but she's too little to do fun things yet. We have fun just playing with the light switches (she just figures those out). You are so creative. I'm sure I'll need to call you for advice one of these days when I ever take on any crafty projects.

Happy House Quilts said...

I love it!!! you did some awesome things..you have no idea how much you have influenced these young ladies!!! You will be a wonderful memory and mentor to them in all their future years!!! My backround is an Art Therapist and more women need ot craft with young folks like you have done...it helps preserve handcrafts, encourages self esteem and allows for multigenerational mentorship!!! Blessings to you and those girls! May they pay it forward some day!