still talking flowers

is this blog becoming a flower blog or what? after this post, it's all sewing all the time. i have lots of orders to catch up on and neglected them last week because i was so absorbed with this wedding. the bride was so adorable and so much fun to work with! since most of her family is from out of state, she planned the ultimate experience-seattle wedding. a ceremony overlooking lake washington, a reception at the space needle, and of course, flowers from pike's place. what could be better? speaking of flowers from pp, i -love-them! other florists in the area told me not to use them, but i did and they were far superior to the ones i bought wholesale - in every way.
every time i do a wedding i want to talk to the family after it's all done and find out what they really think, but so far i have never had the guts to do so. i just hope they like what i come up with after meeting multiple times and talking/emailing so much. if anything from this wedding, i think i became proficient in wheatgrass. i had ordered 11 flats for the centerpieces and on monday the wholesaler called and said the grower is only sending 3. no reason. no apology. just 3. how am i supposed to make 20 centerpieces with 3 flats??? so i called every place i could think of and thank heavens for charlie's produce! they saved my life with the most perfect wheatgrass ever- at a better price, and in better condition to make the centerpieces. now i have 3 flats of untouched wheatgrass on my deck and nothing to do with them. any ideas?
the charlie's produce experience was a little scary though. it was a warehouse in south seattle. but not just any warehouse. it was a "watch for speeding forklifts, the parking lot consists of loading docks only, there's no nice entrance" type of warehouse. i had macy with me and she clung so tight the whole time we were there. so enjoy the pics of my most stressful, but most fun wedding ever. next stop: the sewing machine.


Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

I'll tell you what I thought about the flowers at my wedding....Absolutely LOVED them! I still LOVE what you are doing...very talented.

Jackie said...

OK, now I know why you havn't listed anything on Etsy. I've been wondering what your up to. Looks like fun! Love the centerpieces!