flowers on my mind

i was so excited to help my sister in law with a wedding when we were visiting last week. she thought i was crazy to want to help her work, but any excuse to do flowers is fine with me! we just made centerpieces using roses, dahlias, and curly willow. have you ever looked closely at a dahlia or a zinnia? i think those are becoming some of my favorite flowers. it was fun to make some centerpieces and i learned some new techniques too! thanks kim!
we also helped my dad plant some flowers that had been waiting for over a week! i just hate to see flowers go to waste. he has a new philosophy on his yard. perennials. what a thought. you just plant them once and enjoy for years to come. if you know my parents, this is a brilliant step toward a beautiful yard. they just don't have the time to spend pulling weeds and planting flowers. richie also mentioned that his new hobby will be yardwork when we move into our house. that was music to my ears! i don't know a lot of husbands who want to work in the yard just for fun! so i already started a list of what we are going to have: hydrangea, lavendar, lilacs, zinnias, dahlias, oh and then there's the vegetables: tomatoes, potatoes, corn, zucchini, pumpkins, watermelon, squash, green beans, snap peas, lettuce, and of course carrots! then richie checked out a book from the library on green lawns. i don't think we have the same yard-vision in mind.


The P*dunc's said...

That makes me laugh so hard. Women think so differently from men, don't they?

stacia said...

I.love.dahlias. win the last house that we were actually settled in i had a huge planter box with tons of dahlias...they made my so happy. can't wait to have more. your house looks cute. exciting stuff!!!

Brandi said...

those centerpieces are sooo pretty!