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it's late. i have to teach a lesson at church tomorrow. so i am doing what i am really good at: procrastinating. well, i thought i would just come out and say 'i think i'm turning japanese, i really think so!" have you ever looked at a japanese craft book? american books have nothing on them! the ideas, the pictures, the layout--all so adorable! the only problem is... they are not in english. japanese was the last language i ever thought would be useful, but now i wish i could read it! so if you or anyone you know can read japanese, i would love to know... especially if it's someone in the seattle area. anyway, on one of our excursions to seattle i made us go to the japanese bookstore where i literally drooled over the cute books. just the other day i got this one from ebay because i couldn't resist with how cute this book is. it's full of little dresses and outfits to make for little girls. i already made one of the dresses and it turned out way better than i planned considering i had only pictures to go by. i will post pictures of it as soon as it stops raining so i can get some decent light to take pictures with (it may be awhile).

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aaronandsharla said...

Sara, Aaron's sister Joy works for a Japanese tourism company in Seattle, except that she just took a job in Las Vegas- working for another Japanese tourism company. BUT- She doesn't leave until the end of July. She lived in Japan for a few years on her own- working- I think teaching English as a second language or something. Aaron and his family also spent several years in Japan when his dad was in the Air Force. We had Japanese food tonight from our next door neighbors- yum. Anyway, if you want me to get you in touch w/ my sister in law, JOY, let me know- send me an email and I'll send you her info. I'm sure she'd love to translate, or whatever you need. Japanese is her specialty. love ya- sharla