something to talk about

ok, i just have to brag about my cutie for a second. i know i already have a place to do that, but what a doll! have you ever seen anyone so intent on eating a sucker? here's the background (it might be long) to these pictures: so i used to have a babysitting job everyday with some cute girls. well, the mom got laid off her job so that put me out of a job as well. that put a little damper on us financially, since we were planning on my babysitting money. so i have been thinking of ways to make it up and i opened a new etsy shop and made my baby my model for it. i have been wanting to sell dresses for a while, and now this seems like as good a time as any. so whether or not you are interested in dresses, go check 'em out! you can even mark me as a 'favorite' if you'd like... (hint hint) i have a million ideas in my head for little girls clothing... so if i can make these ideas materialize, then my little shop should have lots of updates. oh yeah, you probably want to know where you can see this so-called "shop" here you go:
and while we're explaining... here's how the name came about... so i've done a few flower girl and blessing dresses for people and i just always have loved the little aspect of girls dresses. with macy, in order to get her to let me put jewelry on her or do her hair, i have gotten in the habit of saying, "pretty, pretty," to distract her or whatever. so the other day she went to her closet and started stroking her dresses while saying, "pretty...." in her darling little voice. and it just sounded so cute that i had to use the name 'little pretties'
ok. enjoy.


melody said...

Sara, the clothes are darling - much cuter than those I've been perusing in the stores these days. (My little girl is due in less than a week, so this is a great topic of interest for me!) Best of luck in your entrepreneurship!

aaronandsharla said...

Very cute photos and dresses! If I have a girl, do I get a discount? I hope you have lots of girls so you can have lots more cute models ;)

SuzAndy said...

You are so unbelievably talented! Andy and I are both so impressed at how adorable all those clothes are. We looked at Macy's space before we knew that you were selling these, and we just barely were talking about how you should sell them! I hope you do really well - I think you will. Especially with such cute models for your business! :-) Seeing all those cute clothes makes me want to buy them even though I don't even have any little girls! I love it all!!!

Allyson Hill said...

They are very pretty little pretties! I am so excited for you! And yes, your little girl is so adorable (and oh so serious about that lollipop).