ok, you that are faithful readers. i finally sent out the prize to the winner of my little drawing.... remember that? yeah, quite a long time ago. so, to show you i was true to my word, here is what the lucky winner got:

the shoes... not the quilt, sorry. i just needed a better background than our dirty patio furniture.

in other news, have you ever tried facebook? i'm a fan. at first i didn't get it, and thought it was another myspace, but then richie got me into it because his work services the ads for it. then he told me how someone they interviewed turned them down for facebook. i was surprised that anyone would turn down such a big company with as many benefits as they give out... then i started reading up on what facebook has to offer.... uhm, complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner? wow! there are other more amazing benefits.... one of which would also be living in california. (oh how i miss that place) but anyway, if you are not a member, check it out. i have found way more long lost friends on facebook than i ever did on myspace. oh, and did i mention that it was started by a 19 yr. old? that part just amazes me. way to go after your dreams and not let the world get you down!

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The Duncan's said...

what a lucky girl the winner is....