me, a winner????

i just can't believe it! i am a winner! so there's this blog i quite enjoy, called sewmamasew, well, last week they had a drawing on all the comments, and they drew my name and i am a winner! i did a little dance in the kitchen when i found out! so..... for my prize, i got to choose one yard of fabric from the Mod Girls line by Jennifer Paganelli. it's all really cute fabric, but since i only got to choose one print, i chose this one:

i thought it might be cute on macy with her red hair... and speaking of cute.... check her out! i will have to tell you more about this picture later... hopefully tomorrow.


Cade&Susie&Jaxon said...

Congrats on winning..that does make you feel good. I won a ham once, but fabric is much better! BTW, love your main photo..that would make an excellent watercolor.

aaronandsharla said...

LUCKY... that is almost as good as the time I won a trip to Disneyland from BYU.... BTW- MACY is darling and your clothesline photo is so super cute!