i love to stitch! when i was about 10, my grandma taught me to embroider tea towels. i still have the towel she taught me on. it's a cute little elephant with a basket of flowers. i forgot how much i loved it for a few years until i once again discovered 'stitching' with my sister, stacia. we got into making all kinds of 'stitcheries,' as we called them. we loved to draw up our own little quotes and designs to frame, make into pillows, wall hangings, etc. there are so many things you can stitch on! my most recent 'stitchery' love has been these 'sitichettes' that i found here. it's the perfect little thing to keep you busy while watching american idol, or a movie on the couch.


aaronandsharla said...

I have stitched and stitched since we have lived here. You, Stacia, and Amber- who taught me- inspired me-but I never had time. Now I have had time and done tons- but I do admit reaching a point of "burn out" sometimes. Good website and very cute patterns.

Amelia said...

Sara! This is Amy (Anderson) DeWaal. I found your website from Kristen Duncan's! I love seeing your different projects. I love your "stitchery's"! How in the world do you do that? I need a lesson. They're totally cute. Right now I'm knitting and felting some really cute bags. I love love love knitting!