Sites in Seattle

warning: this is not a crafty blog entry. read at your own leisure.
Seattle is such a beautiful place! Even though it is so gray and rainy, there is still a lot of color in the city! We took a little site seeing trip to relieve the stress of home buying the other day. Every time we go to Seattle we try to do something different so we can have lots of ideas when people come to visit us. Here are the newest additions to our repertoire:
1. The Olympic Sculpture Park: A brand new art sculpture park right on the waterfront in Seattle. The art is incredibly beautiful against the background of the water and the city.

2. Uwajimaya! An Asian superstore! My draw to this was a Japanese bookstore I had heard about. I hoped they would have Japanese craft books, and YES! they did!(more on those later) We also loaded up on Pocky sticks, chocolate mushrooms, rice candy, etc. Of course we don't know the correct names of these delectible treats, so we made 'em up!
3. Dick's Drive In. This is supposed to be a 'required stop' for every Seattle visitor. It's really just an old hamburger drive in. As Richie said, 'they have fewer choices than In n Out, and are lots greasier." I would rather drive the extra 8 hours to get an In n Out burger... sorry, we won't be rushing back to this place.
After living here a year, we are still amazed at all there is to discover in Seattle. It should keep us occupied for quite a while yet.

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aaronandsharla said...

That is funny- I love the signs you see there- and when Aaron and I went, I got some cool photos of just the signs you see in Seattle.