fashion plates!

look what i found at Michael's for a mere $2! i know, i know, you are so amazed and asking yourself, what is it???? ok, so it's a mini version of the fashion plates i loved when i was little. i couldn't be more excited about it! i had completely forgotten about the hours i spent as a child 'designing' fashions and then hanging them in my closet. at one time my goal was to have 100 dresses hanging up. so now i am determined to find or buy the same ones i used to have.... just to relive the fun even more. anyone know where i can find them? (and cheaper than ebay would be great)

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aaronandsharla said...

Would you like to buy my sets? I have one set in the box and everything- all pieces like I had as a kid. I actually bought it off of EBAY and then I have my old ones I had as a kid- but those are bits and pieces. If you are interested, I'm thinking about posting it on ebay and selling it.