a pattern! a real quilt pattern!

i'm so excited to share this!! 
i mentioned earlier that i spent most of january
working on something for my etsy shop, and here it is.
my very first pattern!
it's available here as a PDF, but if enough people want it in paper, i might do that as well.
i very first made this quilt about two years ago inspired by a skirt i had.
i've given it as a baby gift and it was a huge hit! 
not a bad gift either, since it takes minimal fabric
and time as there is no quilt piecing required.
it's my own version of machine applique- i'm probably not the first to think of this, but i've never seen it done so i kinda made up how to do it...
the flowers turn out super soft, and are a fun little pop up since they are on top of the quilt.
the pattern is for a baby/toddler quilt, but could easily be adapted for any size you want. 
Wouldn't it look so pretty all in one color on a bigger bed?
so there you go! 
a pattern of something i made!
 not an easy task- writing a pattern... but so so excited to have it finished!
find it here


Kristin said...

yay! yay! yay!

The Callens said...

Good job! I am proud you did it.

Food Freak Frank said...

I love the look of that quilt. I haven't seen anything like it yet, so good job on making it unique. Thanks for posting!