dotty dresden

this quilt just makes me happy to look at. so do the polka dots. but then, i have a thing for polka dots. :)

 are you sick of hearing about this quilt?  haha!  i think i have now been talking about it for 2 maybe 3 years?  i completely fell in love with the pattern when the first material obsession book came out and it was on the cover.  anyway, i don't usually take pictures of just quilt tops.  but this one needed to be taken.  i started this quilt last summer and it was a killer.  each dresden piece was cut by hand, sewn together by machine, then hand appliqued to the quilt.  after i stitched all flowers to the the blocks, i sewed the blocks together, then hand appliqued the circles between the flowers to the quilt.  yep.  a killer. and i'm only done with the top.  i think i might have someone professionally quilt it for me.  it's huge. 
so don't worry, this quilt will be making it's way back to my little blog when it's completely finished...someday... 


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another quilt i Love!! How much will it cost me to make it mine? LOVE IT SO MUCH!!