cookie jar cookies

it's been a drizzly couple of days here.  you know, the kind of days where you just need to bake.
it's also so humid that the house feels damp, and of course the oven helps dry it out, right?
plus i got a cookie jar i've been wanting for my birthday.
the concept of a cookie jar on the counter is like the coolest thing ever to my kids.
they can't understand how i could possible allow it to be empty.
so they've been begging me to fill it with cookies.
and i have to say, this recipe is perfect for filling your cookie jar.
it makes a ton- like you might want to half it.
just a simple oatmeal cookie recipe, but it's simplicity is what makes it so yummy.
the cookies are soft to bite into, but dense enough to hold their shape.
i've decided you can't go wrong with a cookie that calls for equal amounts of butter and sugars.
if i was the only person eating these cookies, i'd trade the chocolate chips for half craisins half white chips.  but then i'd be the only person eating the cookies since i live in a house of picky eaters and that would not be good either.  happy rainy days!

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