resolving to resolve

january's almost over and i haven't blogged once?  so much for my resolution to blog more.  however, it's almost a new month and i have a new resolve to actually do it.   plus i hear that if you tell people about your goals, you're more likely to achieve them.  so my new-for-february-2012 resolution is to blog 3 times a week.... even if i only have a picture or something 'boring.'  wish me luck!

i spent a lot of january working on a little something new for my etsy shop that i am so excited about!  hopefully i will finish it today so i can get it out this week.  for now, here's a sneak peak. stay tuned!

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Matt and Joanna said...

I hope you post more! I miss your creativity :) You know how much I love that quilt with the polka dot binding. One of my favorites! I want one for our next baby!!!