how about a bagel?

bagels.  from scratch.  why had i not thought to try it before? 
 well, i tried them, and i'm in love
and i may have found a recipe to rival my happy husband bread
because these were a huge hit at our house.
sprinkled with sea salt or asiago cheese (our favorite),
 these were chewy and delicious fresh out of the oven
or in lunches with wedge of laughing cow the next day.
  i store mine in paper bags so they don't get soggy.
and i'd love to try other toppings. 
cinnamon, poppy seeds, onion flakes?
or maybe we'll just stick with cheese. 
it was sooo delish!
i think i have it figured out where you can print this recipe and it'll be a half page,
but let me know if you have problems...

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Sarah said...

That is awesome. I'm not much of a baker, but I think I'll work up the courage to try it. :-D