happy husband bread

i like to make my husband happy because he makes me happy. when i like to make my husband really happy, i make white bread instead of wheat. it's that easy. but really, who doesn't love fresh from the oven homemade bread? i came up with this recipe from one i got from a friend that i made wrong and now i love it... i guess it was just lucky. my goal now is to time my bread just right so it's coming out of the oven when my husband walks in the door. how perfect would that be?
wonderful white bread
Combine in cup, sprinkle with a pinch of sugar and let stand until bubbly:
1T yeast
3/8c. warm water

Heat to scalding:
1 1/2c. milk
2 1/2T sugar
1T salt
2 1/2 T shortening (or butter)

Then add:
1c. warm water
3 1/2c. flour
yeast/water mixture
then enough flour until dough pulls away from sides of bowl, about 2 1/2c. Let rise until double. Divide into two loaves, let rise again. Bake at 400 for 10 min. Lower heat to 350 and bake until done, about 30 minutes more.


km said...

Wow. I'm pretty sure you are the perfect wife. Can I have you? (Just kidding, but I am TOTALLY going to use that recipe!)

Liz said...

This sounds wonderful!

The P*dunc's said...

even though I am really full right now, that still looks really good!

what's your wheat bread recipe?

jacksonx03 said...

Hi Sara! This is Amy (Baird), I linked over from Kristen's blog! HOw are you?

My husband and also have the wheat vs. white controversy.