summer sampler quilt

well here it is... the summer sampler quilt we made in my little quilt class.
this quilt really reignited my passion for quilting. i always go back and forth from dresses to quilts and can never really decide which i like to do more. however, watching all my students pick up quilting so quickly when some hadn't really sewn before was so inspiring. plus there is just something about making a quilt that is so satisfying and comforting to me.
anyway, i'm thinking of doing this again, but i'm always looking for ideas to improve, so if you took the class, feel free to email or comment any of your ideas. and if you didn't take this class, feel free to share your ideas too! afterall, the idea for this class sparked from someone other than me...


Matt and Joanna said...

I LOVE my quilt. I just finished binding it this morning and it's beautiful. I can't wait to use it! Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Cindy Robinson said...

are you doing another class?? I am definatly interested.