book love: material obsession 2

did you know i used to be a librarian? right after i graduated from college. i was a reference librarian assigned to the 600-700 section. that's my favorite section of the whole library so i felt super lucky that the older ladies would let me have it. i loved that job. maybe it's because i prefer to read reference books over fiction. does that make me a nerd? oh well. in thinking about that job i realized i want to remember more of the books i read. because books are fun. so i guess i'm back to reviewing books.
and this book is my latest love. i currently have it checked out from the library and am on my last allowed renewal. i will then have to give it back... but don't worry, i read it cover to cover at least once. and i wiped all my drool off the pictures if you are planning to check it out next. this is the second book by the same authors, i blogged about the first here.
i. love. this. book.
the quilts are completely different from anything i've seen in american books and i love that! i wouldn't recommend this book for a beginner- most of the quilts look pretty challenging. but the pictures are gorgeous, the instructions seem very well-written, and it's just a yummy quilt book to look at.
the reason i have it from the library and don't own it is because it's not available in the u.s. yet- but i think it's being released later this year or someday i will break down and order it from here.

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