this week:

i might be too busy to blog or something... and i did a super easy ufo{which i'll post when i get pictures} this week because...
  • i broke my serger. grrr. it's broken beyond repair by me so it's in the shop now. and i have a pile of little pretties waiting to go to their shop. funny how i have only owned a serger for a year but now refuse to do anything without it.

  • we made valentines for macy's preschool friends. this idea from martha stewart had been floating around lots of blogs lately. i'm glad i had some princess paper so she would agree to homemade over the {cheesy} storebought ones.

  • i've been taking lots of pictures for the shop. but more excited about a great photographer i just talked to who is going to start taking pictures for me. so excited.

  • i started a christmas/birthday gift of a photography class. i don't want to be a pro. i don't even want take all my etsy pictures. i just want to take a million pictures of my kids and have a million of them turn out perfectly. crazy, i know.

  • i ordered fabric just for my little shop. i'm so excited because one of the ones i ordered is a certain fabric that i've wanted forever- and now i will have it. and you maybe will too if you like to shop here. i'll give you a hint- it'll be made into something like this:

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Cristi said...

I LOVE those Valentine's! But I was reading another blog today and couldn't believe it. I was like, "Wait - I've seen those before ..."

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