this is my family

we are so cute in wood. and because i'm an awesome(controlling) mom i let macy paint the bottoms of the people. she loved it. i did too. and it was easy because we bought a kit here. (i love their shop)


amyraye said...

so cute. but where are the chin dimples?

Laurel said...

love it!

Kelly said...

OK so I have not looked here in a while!! I LOVE the 2 dresses you made for Macy!! The ZEBRA one is so Cute !! And I love the fabric on the 2nd one!! I wish so badly that I lived by you, so I could go to your sewing class, and have some of your talent spread over to me!! :)
ANd the WREATH you made is so stinking cute!! I need to make that!! But have no idea how too. I love it!!!! And I still have my xmas wreath hanging up as i type this.. I need to take it down 2day!!
And the little wood dolls are so cute! You painted them perfectly! Miss you!