ufo #3 january wreath

hello january. hello wreath. unfinished objects. that's what i'm calling all my projects. and i am in love with #3. a wreath for january. and maybe february too if i feel like keeping it up. i love the month of january. it's my month. and i knew when i saw this wreath it needed to be on my door in january. except that i don't do silk flowers. even on a puffy funky wreath. so they're random fabrics i had.

but i like it. it's my wreath for my month.


Suzana said...

cute. can we say m.e.?

The P*dunc's said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sara, my love! I hope your special day was most amazing!

I love the wreath. I can't wait to have a new door to put a wreath on!

amyraye said...

it's RAD!
now i know where your gorgeous earrings came from today. :)

sara said...

ha ha! Suzana- I KNEW you would say that! Amy- I have extra beads- do you want some? Kristen- thanks! I can't wait to see you when you move and we visit!