#2 project

my second project for my goal to finish all unfinished projects(i'm trying to come up with a name). i could not get a decent picture for the life of me. every single one was blurry. i kept changing the settings on my camera and trying to figure out what was wrong when suddenly my battery died. duh. my camera always slows down when the battery is done. anyway, i had seen these baby legs or leg warmers all over last year and saw a tutorial about making your own out of women's knee-high socks. so i found some on clearance at target and never made them. well i finally did this week. i thought they were cute, but had to persuade my girl to wear them- which is why she also has sparkly(her favorite) tights on.


Angela said...

Look how long Macey's hair is getting! She is a great little model. Cute idea...I wish I had a little girl to try it out on.

-Angela Davis

Maegan said...

That happens to me CONSTANTLY. I am trying to actually USE my camera and fiddle with the settings and most of the time I get blur, blur, blur. Hmph! I've got to say though, I am loving the skirt + sparkley tights + leggins combo. She rocks it. ;)

she wears flowers said...

I love your blog! Teryn Jensen told me about your Etsy and blog and I really enjoy reading your blog (so glad you are blogging again!) and checking out what you have on Etsy. We sew a lot of similar items so I feel like I must know you.

I am also trying to finish projects this year (again!) and it really helps to blog about it. I call mine "52 Projects" because I want to get 52 unfinished projects DONE this year. Feel free to use that name if you like it!