halloween already?

i know it's only august, but i am doing an order for pretty pettiskirts next week and it will probably be my last before halloween! so email me if you think you might want one. (sarafcollett@yahoo.com) i'm trying to decide how i want to use one in a costume for macy. a punk rocker? rainbow brite? a black cat? minnie mouse? tinkerbell? any of the princesses? there are so many cute ways to use them... plus i decided every birthday girl should wear one to her own party... don't you think?


Emily said...

Would Grandma's gift certificate cover one of those?! I'd LOVE to have one for my little girl. Email me the details/options/costs sometime.


Anonymous said...

Okay I definitely want two of these skirts...one for each of my girls! Can you email me with details too??

Would you ever want to do a swap??

Amy (Anderson) DeWaal

Mandy said...

YES!! My little will be wearing one for her 2nd birthday!! Sara, you are the greatest my friend! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

mistyb said...

i would love more information too. They are adorable!



love your blog! Misty

Crystal said...

could get some patterns from u.

I want to make dresses and pants

Chad and Bree Fowles said...

Wow Sarah I love it LOVE IT Stella and Reese would look so fab in these!! How do I get my hands on some?