cute and comfy

i have a chair that needs to be recovered. so i've been searching for ideas...via anna maria horner

the shape of the chair i have is closest to the rocking chair, but my favorite fabric is the top one with the bird. so far every idea i've had has been vetoed by the husband.... back to the drawing board.


Suzana said...

really? you like the first one? don't take this the wrong way but i think it looks like a bird threw up all over it... i like the second one the best out of the three... just in a better color. that's a bit... blah. you know you're turning into mom, right? with the styles and colors you're leaning towards? that last one screamed mom at me. not that there's anything wrong with that... haha.

sara said...

suzana- you seriously have throw up on your brain! ha! the bird fabric is sooo cute in person!

Ben and Summer said...

OK, I won't offer my opinion, except that I think it's great that you love color so much. It's so fun! And taking on a project like that is so amazing to me. Also, I saw your newest etsy stuff - so cute! Those bibs sure sell like hotcakes - looks like you found a winner!